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I feel blessed and truly honored to be able to live my passion teaching yoga. Teaching yoga has been the most amazing journey and has changed my life in many different ways.

In 2013, I became the youngest certified hot yoga instructor in the U.S. I was drawn towards a path that not many would take, but felt that the reason I am here is to fulfill that calling. It was such an honor to be recognized for doing something that I love, but what was truly transformational was the ability to inspire others with my story. Yoga has also healed me from my past, a past of abuse and struggle, and is now an instrumental part of my life and continues to heal me on a daily basis.

The past three years of my life have been the best three years yet! In the past three years I’ve connected with the most beautiful and inspiring souls. I have taught over 30 thousand people, ages 2-80 years old and have taught over 2,000 hours of yoga. I have been gifted with the opportunities to travel around the world teaching yoga on retreats and have been blessed to watch both my studios; Radiant Hot Yoga Newport Beach and Radiant Hot Yoga Irvine blossom. A few years ago, I had a vision that I would be where I am currently in my life and in my teaching career. So set your intention, and breathe it to life. I am so grateful to be on this path of love, spirituality, and connection. My entire life is devoted to yoga; I live and breathe it. I feel that I am living my purpose here on Earth and I thank you all for your unconditional love, continual support, and guidance.


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